Cetara for aluminum products ( madar Egypt) thanks you for your trust and for choosing its products , and it provides warranty according to the following conditions :

Warranty policy

1. Warranty applies only for the complete products from Cetara for aluminum products
(madar Egypt) for all its parts.
2. Warranty is voided in case of using any component outside madar Egypt.
3. Warranty period against manufacturing is 3 years for all products of Cetara for
aluminum products company (madar Egypt), and 5 years for electric motors & its
accessories, according to home use, not industrial or commercial use.
4. Warranty covers inspection expenses, and the cost of transporting the product from the
customer’s location to the company and back, in case of manufacturing defects.
Otherwise, the customer pays for the above_ mentioned expenses.
5. The company has the right during maintenance to change any spare part with another
from madar Egypt.
6. Warranty covers repair expenses for spare parts or replacing it with another from madar
7. Replaced spare parts will be returned to madar Egypt.

Warranty does not cover the following:

1. Every malfunction or defect caused by misuse or transportation.
2. Damage caused by low or high electric voltage.
3. Natural disasters
4. Installation mistake for UN authorized distributors or UN authorized installation
5. Using spare parts not from madar Egypt.
6. Scrape or change the order number adhesive on the product.
7. This warranty is valid only in Egypt.

To check the validity of the warranty, please contact us at: warranty@madarplus.com